16th September 2015

New website and New Management

We are delighted to announce that ToHealth have taken over the management of the Waterloo Health Clinic. This is another addition to the ToHealth family. ToHealth […]
21st September 2015

The Myths about Flu and Vaccine

No you can’t catch flu from flu vaccine. Flu vaccine doesn’t lower your immunity. Pregnant women can and should have flu vaccine. You can’t catch flu […]
1st October 2015

Why have a company medical adviser?

Some companies have a mandatory need for a medical adviser, health and safety issues, statutory medicals, workers traveling abroad to remote areas, safety critical work. For […]
30th November 2015

Why do we offer a shoulder measurement  service?

Since 1st of April 2015, all passengers travelling offshore by helicopter will be required to sit in a seat where the nearest push-out emergency exit is […]