Counselling and Support Services

ToHealth offer a range of counselling and psycho-therapy services.  Our team of counsellors are accredited by the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy.  Most of these services are offered remotely but in person appointments can be arranged.  Please note these services are only available as an overall occupational health service to an organisation.

Alongside our mental health first aid training courses,  we offer the following 1 to 1 services:

  • General Counselling

This professional counselling is offer for anyone who may be experiencing burn out or stress or is struggling with other challenges in their working or personal life.

  • Stress Management Consultation

This appointment enables the individual to create a stress  management plan and be able to recognise the stress response in themselves  and others.

Trauma Services – Responding to a crisis

A number of our counsellors are trauma specialists and we therefore offer the following specialist services.

  • Trauma services – initial assessment

This appointment will be offered to anyone who has experienced a traumatic event. This includes an assessment of trauma symptoms and identifying on-going support if necessary.

  • Trauma services – psychological first aid (PFA)

This is offered to a group or individual who have (has) experienced a traumatic incident.  PFA focuses on undertanding trauma symptoms and building coping strategies and resources.

  • Trauma specialist counselling (EMDR/TF-CBT)

These trauma specialist therapies offered for counselling support are recommended by NICE guidelines, WHO and APA.

Traveller Support Services

These services are offered to support people whose assignments take them to difficult areas of the world.  These services are designed to form part of  an overall support package that organisations offer their teams.

  • Pre-assignment – resilience consultation

This appointment helps to prepare an individual for deployment, reviews psychological health and enhances resilience and coping strategies – including stress
management and awareness.

  • Mid-assignment consultation & review

This appointment is offered during deployment as part of a pathway of care or as a follow up appointment if additional psychological support is needed.

  • Post-assignment consultation & review

This  psychological appointment provides  an opportunity to debrief and reflect on the previous deployment.