Hand arm vibration syndrome

From our clinic next to Waterloo station or at your offices, we offer HAVs assessments up to level 3. Level 1/2 assessments are paper based and would normally be gathered by one of our technicians. Level 3 assessments can only be carried out face to face by a specialist Occupational Health Advisor or Physcian

What is HAVs and how is it caused?

Hand arm vibration syndrome is damage to nerves, joints and blood vessels leading to numbness and loss of fine control of the fingers.  It is permanent once the damage has been done.  It is caused by operating vibrating tools or machinery.

What should employers be doing?

All personnel operating vibrating plant or tools should have regular health surveillance to

  • assess whether they are starting to show the symptoms of HAVS.
  • identify those who may be at greater risk due to other conditions
  • help prevent disease progression thus limiting any future disability or liability to the employer
  • check that vibration control measures are being effective

The HSE provides a HAVs calculator to see whether someone should be having regular surveillance for hand arm vibration syndrome. Its available hse.gov.uk

We recommend that anyone starts with a regular level 1/2 assessment which would generally be conducted as part of an overall health surveillance approach.

Level 3 assessment

ToHealth also offer a level 3 assessment regardless of whether we have conducted the level 1 or level 2 assessment.  This involves an examination of the patient hands and arms to assess their status and is conducted by one of our Occupational Health Advisors who has a specialist qualification in this area.

We can also offer a level 4 formal diagnosis by a Doctor for employment purposes.

Frequently asked questions about HAVS or HAVS assessment

1What do I need to bring to my HAVS level 3 assessment
You will be required to bring some form of photographic identification and a copy of your level 1 or level 2 assessment forms. Ideally we would like you to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time. You should also bring with you a record of any medications you are taking in regards to pre-existing medical conditions.
2Where can the assessment take place
While we can provide these anywhere, the cost show is for an appointment at our London Waterloo Clinic which is conveniently situated right next to Waterloo train station. The address is 41 York Road, London, SE1 7NJ
3How long will the assessment take
The appointment is likely to last for around 30 minutes.
4Do I get the results of the assessment immediately?
The assessment will be discussed with you at the time but the formal paperwork can take a few days to complete and issue
5How do I arrange an appointment?
The easiest way to arrange an appointment is by calling our bookings team on 0333 335 9866 or by using our contact us facility on our website - http://www.tohealth.com/workplace-medicals/#ContactUs