In Water EBS Training Medical

In-water EBS training exercises will be introduced to UK survival training courses from Monday 26th March 2018. Courses prior to 26th March 2018 will NOT include in-water EBS training exercises (so no medical assessment will be needed for persons attending courses prior to 26th March 2018).

The requirements of the medical assessment of fitness for in-water EBS training exercises are different to the fitness assessment in an Oil & Gas UK medical.
We are therefore offering medical assessment for In Water EBS Training as a separate service.
We would of course suggest that people combine their OGUK and In Water EBS training assessment where possible. However if the BOSIET or FOET course is required to renewed within 12-18 months of their OGUK medical having been signed off, people may wish to simply obtain the medical certificate for In Water EBS training.

There will be persons attending (or planning to attend) survival training courses on or after 26th March 2018 whose Oil & Gas UK medical, performed up to two years prior to 26th March 2018, who will not have had the medical assessment for in-water EBS training at their Oil & Gas UK medical. These persons will need a ‘stand-alone’ medical assessment for in-water EBS training. They do NOT need a full Oil & Gas UK medical as well – they will still have a valid Oil & Gas UK medical and do not need to repeat this – they only need the in-water EBS training medical assessment.

The assessment includes

  • Completion of health Questionnaire
  • Lung function assessment
  • Examination

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In Water EBS training Fitness Assessment


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