Night Worker Medical

People working at night must be assessed according to the The Working Time Regulations 1999.   Night Workers must be offered free and confidential health assessments before starting work, on a regular basis, or as appropriate to the individual.

The basic version of this is to ask the night worker to complete a questionnaire which is then reviewed by an occupational health clinician.

The questionnaire screening would form part of an overall provision. Depending on the outcome of the questionnaire,  individuals may be referred for a consultation if there is risk concerns as a result of the basic screen.

Benefits of screening:

The night worker medical is to ensure that employees do not have a medical condition which is not compatible with night work and to make that their night work does not impact their health

We help employers fulfil their obligations provide an inexpensive on-line questionnaire for Night Worker Assessment.

As an employer, you must offer night workers a free health assessment before they start working nights and then on a regular basis whilst they are working nights. We would suggest that this should be done annually.

When reviewing the completed screening questionnaire outcome. Our  Occupational Health Advisors will consider the restrictions on working time under the regulations and the type of work being performed. If there any concerns from the questionnaire, Our Occupational Health Advisor will perform a follow up call to clarify.

If  after this doubts are raised as to the employee’s fitness for night work, a response to the questionnaire will be issued and a recommendation made to the employer that a further medical is required.

As a result of the questionnaire review, any adjustments can be recommended to the employer, to ensure that the employee’s health is not being put at any risk.  Advice with any recommendations on it will then be provided to the HR/Management Team.

Conditions considered:

  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • High blood pressure or other cardiovascular issues
  • Asthma and pulmonary disorders
  • Thyroid or glandular disease
  • Mental illness
  • Chronic sleep problems
  • Back, joint and neck problems
  • Smoking and alcohol intake

If an employee does suffer from one or more of the above, it does not automatically mean that they are unsuitable for night working. Problems will be identified along with all risk factors and then advice given so that they can be managed effectively, ensuring that the employee’s health or other peoples safety remains unaffected.

New employees or those transferring from days should as a minimum complete a Night Workers Medical Questionnaire preferably before they start.

The health questionnaire remains confidential to Occupational Health. Medical details will not be passed on to Managers other than a simple statement of fitness to continue with night working.

Night Work Medical


Online questionnaire plus assessment

Night Worker Medical FAQs

1Who qualifies as a night worker
According to the Working Time Regulations, a night worker works at least three hours at night. Night time is between 11pm and 6am. We work recommend this be considered for anyone working alone after 10pm
2Why should an employer screen their night workers?
The primary reason is compliance with HSE legislation. Like all regulation there is good reason behind it and the cost of the basic screening is low. It does also highlight any medical conditions that should be addressed.
3Do employees have to complete the screening questionnaire?
Employer must offer the screening to night workers, but it is not mandatory for them to complete it. Given it is intended for the benefit of the night worker and to help manage any risks associated with their health, it is clearly a good idea for the employee to do so.