Patient Login

Frequently Asked Questions

1Do I always use the registration code on the page
You may have been given one by your employer in which case you should use this
2I’ve forgotten my username, how do I get a new one or a reminder of what it would be?
This will be the email that you registered with initially. Please call us if this does not work after trying to reset your password
3I’ve forgotten my password, how do I get a new one?
On the Portal log in page there is a ‘Reset Password’ link under the password field. If you click on the tab, you will be asked to enter your name, date of birth and email address. Simply click ‘Submit’ once completed and you will be sent a validation email that allows you to reset your password.
4I get the message ‘Some of the personal information does not match our records. Please check and try again’. What do I do to be able to log in?
Please take care to make sure it is typed in correctly. All information is case sensitive. If you still experience problems please make call us and we can check your registration.
5How do I change my personal details…
You can change them in ‘My Account’ when you are logged in. Some changes such as having a new employer can prevent you from logging in. Please call us to make those changes.
6When I try to make a booking it says “There was an error”
Please try again - you may find that you clashed with someone booking the same slot. If you get this problem persistently please contact us who can book you in over the phone.
7Having another issue not dealt with these FAQs
Please call us
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