The Myths about Flu and Vaccine

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16th September 2015
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1st October 2015

The Myths about Flu and Vaccine

No you can’t catch flu from flu vaccine. Flu vaccine doesn’t lower your immunity. Pregnant women can and should have flu vaccine. You can’t catch flu just by being cold, you catch it from someone else with flu.

Why is there more flu in the winter? …because we huddle together more, widows are closed, we travel on crowded trains and buses and work in offices where we come into contact with other flu sufferers. Most importantly our children are super spreaders and they pick it up from schools or nurseries. Of course in the summer they are on the beach, so no one catches flu.

For most people flu is a minor self limiting illness, but for some particularly if they have other medical problems, it can be more serious. Within the workforce a major flu outbreak can cause mass sickness absences, with major disruption, so why not offer flu vaccination to your employees. Risk groups will get this free of charge on the NHS from their GPs, but this leaves the vast majority of “healthy” workers unprotected.

Does it hurt? ….no, but there is even a nasal form of the vaccine for the needle shy.


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