Why have a company medical adviser?

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21st September 2015
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30th November 2015

Why have a company medical adviser?

Some companies have a mandatory need for a medical adviser, health and safety issues, statutory medicals, workers traveling abroad to remote areas, safety critical work.

For others it just makes sense. Do you employ drivers? fork lift truck drivers, warehouse workers, workers on assembly lines. Can they see, can they hear, can they bend? Does their work aggravate an existing medical problem, could sudden incapacity endanger them or other workers. How expensive and disruptive would it be to your company if your top people suffer ill health.

Do you have a problem with sickness absence with an employee? Would you like to screen your employees for drug and alcohol usage? Are you concerned that prescription medicines could endanger your employee’s performance, or put them at risk.

A company medical adviser could help with all of these issues, with advice, screening, site visits, vaccinations, and help with formulating policies.

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