Workplace Medicals

Regulated Medicals

Our occupational health team offers the full range of specialist and industry-specific tests, vaccinations and inoculations. As part of this, we can provide “Fit to work” or “fitness to work” medicals in regulated industries. These assessments determine whether a worker can safely carry out a specific job or task / work in a particular type of environment. The result is then fit to work, unfit to work or fit with restrictions and we then produce a certificate of the result. We can provide medicals for people in the following roles:
  • Driver (LGV / HGV)
  • Forklift truck driver
  • Night worker
  • Lone worker
Please get it touch if you would like to know our competitive rates for these medicals. Beyond these cross industry medicals, we also provide some which are industry specific.

RUK Wind Turbine Medical

While not yet required by law, the recommendations of the Renewables UK medical working part have been widely accepted by employers as providing a needed confidence that staff are fit to work in the wind turbine industry. We can combine this with an OGUK medical if required.

Oil and Gas UK Medicals

On top of the standard Oil & Gas UK medical, we can also provide the enhanced version required for members of Emergency Response Teams (ERT). All of our OGUK medicals include shoulder measurement which is required for work in the north Sea. These are accepted as requivalent by Norwegian and Dutch industry Members of Emergency Response Teams (ERT) require a level of fitness which is assessed by an initial ERT Medical Examination. The initial ERT Medical is similar to the OGUK Offshore Medical with the addition of an ERT Health Review, Spirometry (lung function test) and a Fitness Test (Chester Step). An annual review including Spirometry (lung function test) and a Fitness Test (Chester Step) is required.

Diving Medicals

All professional divers need to have an HSE compliant medical and have them regularly renewed. Our AMED doctor can sign these off. If you are a sports diver with a condition that is included in the PADI or BSAC

Safety Critical Worker Medicals

At ToHealth, we offer safety critical medicals that make sure your company stays on the right side of current health and safety legislation and, in particular, best practice within the construction industry. It is a cost effective and simple way to monitor the health of your workforce and can easily be carried out onsite by a qualified health practitioner.

Working at Height Medicals

For people working at height in telecoms other industries, we provide a standard medical which can provide a fitness certificate. This combines a through medical examination combined with a fitness assessment using a step test. People working in Confined spaces need a variant of the same medical.

Executive Health Assessments

The Executive Health Assessment covers a broad range of Health Checks. This assessment provides you with a detailed overview of your current health and can help to identify potential future health risks. You will be provided with a detailed Health Report and a consultation to explain your results. Risk factors will be identified and guidance provided on how you can lead a healthier lifestyle and improve your overall health and well-being. Please note that these preventative health screenings are not intended for diagnosis of symptoms or chronic complaints



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